Beginner Wine Tasting Tips & Etiquette (finished)


To avoid coating your palate and overlooking the more subtle notes in the wine, refrain from drinking coffee or smoking before the wine tour. 

Avoid wearing perfume as it will cloud sense of smell and you, and those around you, will miss the aroma of the wine.  

Remember to bring your ID!

When clinking, look your partner in the eye. 

Hold the wine glass by the stem so your hand does not warm up the wine. 

If you do not like a wine you can always discard it.   



Take your time to sniff and think about the wine before tasting. Swirl your glass, unless it is sparkling wine, to bring out more of the flavours. Swish the wine in your mouth to fully coat the palate and taste all the flavours. 

Remember preferential treatment is often given to those who slurp wine louder. Make some noise!

Wine tasting is very subjective; there are no wrong answers. Share what flavours come to mind. Let your host know which wines you like so they can help match your tastes or ask them for suggestions.


Don't be afraid to ask questions!