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Wine Stopper with 2 Vacuum Stoppers – Black

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Item Description:

· Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone

· Size: 19*3.5cm

· Color: Black

· Item Type: Wine Stopper

· Quantity: 1 Wine Saver, 2 Vacuum Stoppers

· Weight: 120g

· Brand: Comzendle



· Suitable for all Red and White Wines.

· Remove air from your wine bottle to keep wine tasting new for up to a week

· Just insert the universal wine stopper into the bottle and pump until you hear the patented "Click". The "Click" signals an air tight seal!



· Wash the bottle stopper with water before using.

· Insert the wine stopper into the bottle.

· Put the wine saver pump over the stopper.

· Pumping the air out until feel a strong air resistance. then it is done.

· Press the release button to move the stopper when you need to drink again.



· Hand wash only. Not suitable for sparkling wines.


Package Included:

· 1 pc x Wine Stopper, 2 pcs x Vacuum Stoppers